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2020/11/13 001 playlist

Agrimonia - Scars Make Life

Phantom Hymn - Industrial Sonnet for the Wartime Malaise

Svedestada - Yo Soy El Mar

Totem Skin - At The Forest's Edge

Λήθη - Νεκροσάβανο

Storm of Sedition - Red Laughter

...But The Shadows Have Foes - X

Downfall of Gaia - Luftschloss

Svalbard - Unpaid Intern

Habak - Encierro A Cielo Abierto

Anopheli - Acts Of Man

Hyena - My Worst Enemy

Leadershit - Banderas A Media Asta Todos Los Dias

Catharsis - Exterminating Angel

Blünt - Nadie escuchara nuestros lamentos

Warvictims - Döden Fran Ovan

Dishonor - Coldness of a Nuclear Age

Tragedy - Conflicting Ideas

Myteri - Justitiermord

Procrastinate - Εικόνες Της Πόλης

Ansïa - Cenizas

Wolfbrigade - No Reward

From Ashes Rise - The Final Goodbye

Remains of the Day - Dreaming, Drowning

Öroku - Spineless

Agenda - Cognitive Dissonance

Δύσπνοια - Στον Τόπο Με Τ' Αγκάθια

His Hero Is Gone - Raindance

Τελευταίος Αιώνας - Ένας Χρόνος 'Αγχους

Mummrah - Ικρίωμα

Gersang.jr - Death

Pariah - Memory (Muga Cover)

Έρημος - Το Πανηγύρι Των Σκιών

Alpinist - A Is For Army Of Slaves

2020/11/20 002 playlist

Victims - Theft

Adacta - Cesty

Tragedy - Life

Wolfbrigade - This is Life

Cara Neir - Peridot

Ambulance - Habits

Wind in His Hair- Sequoia

Morrow - Beyond The Cleaved Land

Mummrah - H Tραγωδία Που Λέγεται Άνθρωπος

Ura - Cometiendo Errores

Ekkaia - Sombras Del Progreso

Envy - For You Who Died

Mihai Edrisch - Vivre

Raein - The Tree

Broken Fingers - Colorful Appeaser

Funeral Diner - Yeah, You Remember That

la luna - Father Time

The Saddest Landscape - Forty Four Sunsets

United Nations - Revolutions At Varying Speeds

Circle Takes The Square - Kill The Switch

pg.99 - My Application To Heaven

Pianos Become The Teeth - Jess And Charlie

Nine Eleven - From Haven To Hell

Alpinist - This Song Will Not Save Your Life

Oathbreaker - As I Look Into The Abyss

Ancient Emblem - Over My Equals

SuccubuS - Άχαρος Ρόλος

Λήθη - Αγέλη

Moro Moro Land - Rotten Hearts

Aνασάρκα - Ψυχοναυτία

Nihilsect - Truth Is Foolproof

2020/11/27 003 playlist

Amenra - Hibernate

Converge - The High Cost of Playing God

Botch - To Our Friends in the Great White North

SeeYouSpaceCowboy - Armed with Their Teeth

Calvaiire - Alzheimer

Celeste - Car quoi qu'il advienne, tout est a chier

Cursed - Polygraph

Hot Cross - Born On The Cusp

pg.99 - Punk Rock In The Wrong Hands

Orchid - Le Descordre, C'est Moi

City Of Caterpillar - Fucking Hero

Xerxes - Glendower Drive

Birds In Row - There Is Only One Chair In This Room

Portrayal of Guilt - Your War

Thin - Dawn

The Flying Worker! - Routine Vs. Efficience

Suis La Lune - Eris Flies Tonight

Recreant - VI - After The Apple

Caino - III

Dirty Wombs - Crimson Waves

Requiem - Deliverance

The Ocean - Palaeoarchaean: Man And The Sea

Autarch - Saturn

Dead On Parole - Συντέλεια

Ήλιος Θανάτου - Πολιτισμός των Λάγνων

Μόρα - Χώμα

No Relics - Lethargy

Discordance - Μισανθρωπία

Χειμερία Νάρκη - Κυνήγι Του Ονείρου

GERANIUM - Debout les damnes de la terre

Axidance - They died because of you

Ictus - Hambrientos De Un Sol Distinto

Ancient Emblem - Stone circle

The Donor - Kagerou

Humanity is a Curse - Bathyal

Bullshit Tradition - August Spies

Arboricidio - The Blood Of A Fascist

Nux Vomica - Hiding

From the Depths - Let the Black Flag Fly

2020/12/04 004 playlist

nervous light of sunday - 信仰

TETOLA93 - take away the life there is no right


Henoa - Mobius Band

For Your Health - Keres

Envy - Compensation

AMU DARIA - Persecute

Suffocate For Fuck Sake - We Are Driving Through Darkness

Heaven In Her Arms - 枷

ito project - 魔鬼の鼓動

Gauge Means Nothing - My Glasses Reflect Untrue View On My Eyes

Autarkeia - Never Quite Content

Reversal Of Man - Patty's Lucky Number 7

blue noise - everyone goes away eventually

Honeywell - Blazing Saddles

The Khayembii Communique - A Year and an Ocean

The Flying Worker! - Dawn Of The Dead

Kidcrash - Hypothetical Basking Shark

La Quiete - Cio Che Non Siamo, Cio Che Non Vogliamo

Dip Leg - We Exclaim on a Proven Sham

1000Travels Of Jawaharlal - 目をそらさない (Don't Turn Your Eyes Away)

Drei Affen - El ultimo aliento.

Tenue - Am-Ar

Unfaded - TSUBASA

Death Side - Fight Your Way

Nemesis - Seizonsha

Confront - Just Keeping My Stance

Crude - All over the World

Σκώμμα - Άρωμα σήψης

Muga - surface meanness

Schifosi - Drowning In The Aftermath

sanctions - Bright Future

Newborn - Dead Poet's Society

Catharsis - ...In Solitary

2020/12/11 005 playlist

PATOS - Зверьё

Ancst - cleansing

Aguirre - Vaincu Mais Non Dompte


Dead On Parole - Στο Έλεος Της Αυθαιρεσίας

Drip Of Lies - W.B.C.D.

Procrastinate - Ωχρή Ελπίδα

Social Apathy - Reflection Of Decay

Agnosy - Voices Are Calling

Remains Of The Day - Only To Infinity

Last Rite - Ripped Open Sky

Cwill - Abandonment

Minuala - Хаос во тьме

Ictus - Sueno Sin Miedo

Madame Germen - A Praga Do Desprezo Humana

Hyena - Algo que cambiar

Agonia - Con derecho a que.

Karhozat - Fall

Δίχως Πνοή - Εφιάλτες

Δύσπνοια - Άναρχες Φωτιές

ΨΟΦΟΣ - Μάσκες Θανάτου

Επιθανάτιος Ρόγχος - Αέναο Ψύχος

Katranama - Πάρκο Δακρύων

Ασφυξία - Ο Ήχος Της Μοναξιάς

Ψύχωση - Αιρετική Κραυγή

Χαοτικό Τέλος - Χαμένος

Appalachian Terror Unit - Banners Over the Wasteland

Sardanapalm Death - Απάθεια

Έσχατη Ποινή - Φωνή Δυνατή

Έρημος - Πίσω Από Τα Τείχη

2020/12/18 006 playlist

Cave In - Chameleon

Gaza - When They Beg

Every Time I Die - Who Invented The Russian Soldier

Narrows - Changing Clothes

Botch - Framce

Ruined Families - No Rothko

Coalesce - Did It Pay The Rent?

Totalt Jävla Mörker - Kall Värld

Zozobra - Sharks That Circle

Have Heart - On The Bird In The Cage

Comeback Kid - False Idols Fall

STORM{O} - Cenere

Gouge Away - Enough.

Heart In Hand - Photographs

The Number Twelve Looks Like You - Blue Dress

The Chariot - And Shot Each Other

SeeYouSpaceCowboy - Absolutely Absolute Absolution

pg.99 - The Sobering Moment Of One Single Violin

To Be Gentle - Flesh and Blood, Bone and Dream

Portraits Of Past - Implications Of A Sinkhole Personality

(ache/emelie) - Bonaparte's Lung

ANSA - Ten Czas, Ta Chwila

Loma Prieta - Worn Path

Kidcrash - The Ground Eats You

TRISTAN TZARA - Schwüle Über Europa

Ampere - Remain Unadapted

Ampere - Now We Rise, & We Are Everywhere

Ampere - The Jailors Speak Of Freedom

Ampere - Woodlawn

Funeral Diner - Lucky Strike

City Of Caterpillar - And You're Wondering How A Top Floor Could Replace Heaven

Rijeka - La Roya

Jungbluth - No One But Myself

Cloud Rat - Perla

Full Of Hell - The Bed Is Burning

All Pigs Must Die - Extinction Is Ours

Λήθη - Στην Ιθάκη Των Άλλων

Sarabante - Έρμαια Των Καιρών

Procrastinate - Wallflowers

Tragedy - The Day After

2021/01/08 007 playlist

Argentavis - Pathogen

Habak - En Defensa Del Ocio Creativo

Onirismo - Das Entranas da Terra

Σε Μια Γωνιά - Μια Πόλη Σκατά

Soil to Ash - Pavement Casket

Life - Ossification of coral

PissSniffers - Επιλογή;

Boris - Non Blood Lore

...But the Shadows Have Foes - XXII

Antigen - Dust and Ashes

Phantom Hymn - Kingdom of Dreams

Amphist - Negation Delusion

Elil - Тьма

NO MAN - Dive

No Note - Californication

Infant Island - Stare Spells

Record Setter - Fail and Fall

AMU DARIA - Persecute


Stay Inside - Verdict

UNDER GLASS - Wading In Petulant States

nuvolascura - Pixel Vison Anxiety

SOUL GLO - I'm On Probation

COMA REGALIA - Vigour Transmit Failure

Naedr - The Waltz of Fate

Nukk - Dance Routine

nulajednanulanula - Vule nula a zvyk sto

FRAIL HANDS - mirrored limbs

blue noise - haven't the time

Envy - Marginalized thread

Svalbard - Throw Your Heart Away

Touche Amore - Reminders

2021/01/15 008 playlist

Σημείωση: H εκπομπή δεν ηχογραφήθηκε ολόκληρη, οπότε μέχρι το 41ο λεπτο περίπου έχω βάλει τα κομμάτια έπειτα. Μετά είναι κανονική, όπως μεταδόθηκε

Hongo - Nuestras Manos Manchadas

Ashkara - Manifest

Das Plague - A un paso de la determinacion

Abstinentia - Cesta zpět

Καταχνιά - Φωνή Βραχνή

Mummrah - Πόλη

Madame Germen - A Sexta Extinçom

Knür - El teu sol ja no m'il·lumina

Finisterre - No Matter How Hard

ASEDIO - masticicando piedras

Wretched of the Earth - Hecheceria

Destierro - Delirios

Mässmörd - Cries of the Wolf

Adrestia - Häxjakt

Nux Vomica - The Two

November 13th - Ohne Zweifel

Carnist - Hell is patriarchy


United Nations - Serious Business

Portrayal of Guilt - Dissolution

Joshua Fit For Battle - Opportunist

Dip Leg - Ideal and Fact

Senza - Even A Worm Will Turn

Jeromes Dream - My Most Recent Left Right Brain Argument

Majority Rule - Not In My Name

Amnesiac - Our Death Will Be Grand

Hopesfall - Only The Clouds

aorta. - Home

Her Breath On Glass - My Sweet Recovery

Keava - Nova

Young Mountain - I Flew Above Your House Last Night

2021/01/22 009 playlist

Poison The Well - Botchla

I Killed The Prom Queen - Say Goodbye

The Devil Wears Prada - Hey John, What's Your Name Again?


Parkway Drive - Swallowing Razorblades

Arsonists Get All The Girls - Shoeshine For Neptune

Zao - Lies Of Serpents, A River Of Tears

Congress - Conspiracy Of Silence

Earth Crisis - Unseen Holocaust

Acme - Attempt

Shai Hulud - Scornful Of The Motives And Virtue Of Others

Heaven Shall Burn - Suffocated In The Exhaust Of Our Machines

NEAERA - Let The Tempest Come

Maroon - Annular Eclipse

As Blood Runs Black - In Dying Days

Unbroken - Blanket

Nostromo - Sunset Motel

All Shall Perish - Wage Slaves

Darkest Hour - The Mark of The Judas

Underoath - A Message for Adrienne

Misery Signals - The Year Summer Ended In June

Vein - Doomtech

Cave In - The End Of Our Rope Is A Noise

Converge - Distance and Meaning

Kill Sadie - The Cocktail Party Effect

Code Orange Kids - Nothing (The Rat)

Coalesce - Designed To Break A Man

Car Bomb - Secrets Within

Burnt By The Sun - Don Knotts

Botch - Transitions From Persona To Object

Knut - Wyriwys

2021/01/29 010 playlist info 

Rites of Spring - For Want of

One Last Wish - This Time

Dag Nasty - Can I Say

Embrace - Give Me Back

Moss Icon - As Afterwards The Words Still Ring

Heroin - Indecision

Sleeping Body - Home Is Foreign

Honeywell - In The Hands Of Amerika

Antioch Arrow - Conspiring The Go-Go

Portraits Of Past - The Outlook Is Bleak

Angel Hair - Witch Hunt Scene From Star Trek

Mohinder - Numb

Swing Kids - El Camino Car Crash

The Spirit Of Versailles - Recite This Dialogue

The Saddest Landscape - We Wanted The Sky

inkwell - messenger

Indian Summer - Aren't You An Angel

I Hate Myself - This Isn't The Tenka-Ichi-Budokai

Anomie - Avorter n'est pas tuer

Peu Etre - Tchen

Envy - Compensation

Jeromes Dream - The Last Time We Talked

Four Hundred Years - Transmit Failure

Yaphet Kotto - A Symbol

Orchid - I Am Nietzche

pg.99 - Humans With Forked Tongues

Saetia - Notres Langues Nous Trompent

Circle Takes The Square - Our Need to Bleed

Joshua Fit For Battle - Oh Good It's One Of Those "Reality" Shows

Reversal Of Man - B.A. Baracas

Hot Cross - Finger Redux

Mihai Edrisch - La Pluie

Raein - Tigersuit


La Quiete - Metempsicosi Del Fine Ultimo: Nevrastenica Oscillazione Fra Poli Estremi

Dip Leg - Wall-Free World

Jose Phine - Bulanbintang

Daitro - Pourquoi Les Inconnus Restent-Ils Inconnus

Loma Prieta - Carelessnessness

This Day Forward - Cupid's Diary

Pianos Become The Teeth - I'll Be Damned

The Saddest Landscape - The Sixth Golden Ticket

City Of Caterpillar - A Little Change Could Go A Long Ways

Suffocate For Fuck Sake - Lesra

United Nations - The Shape of Punk That Never Came

Αφιέρωμα στο screamo, και παρατήρηση της μορφής του ως τα μέσα του 2000
Screamo: An Impression

2021/02/05 011 playlist

Vestiges - II

Ancst - Moloch

Axidance - They died because of you

Gallhammer - Killed By The Queen

Icon - A Face In The Sky

Storm of Sedition - Renouncing the Cult of Humanity

Ancient Emblem - Ancient Emblem

Skitsystem - Hat Klass Rang

King Apathy - Desperation

Deer In The Headlights - MINDS PLAY TRICKS

Totem Skin - Atrophy Of The Heart

Moro Moro Land - If you stand and fight


ALTERI - Scheitern

Tomusz - Sticks And Stones

Despairwolf - Remnants

Wildspeaker - Still Life

Λήθη - Ρόλος

Μόρα - Χώμα

Ήλιος Θανάτου - Πόνος

Ανασάρκα - Σκλάβοι της Ανάγκης

ΜΟΡΜΩ - Θήραμα

Rene Maheu - Flowerviolence

Wind In His Hair - Black Bark, Red Roots

Remains Of The Day - Overflowing The Masses

Ashkara - Kanalisiert

Absolutist - Lux

2021/02/12 012 playlist

Garmonbozia - Breaking the Silence

Recreant - IX - The Spectacle

Τελευταίος Αιώνας - Φλερτάροντας Με Την Ανυπαρξία

Cwill - Mensch Sein

Affray - Inner Defeat (Of The Obvious)

Herida - Gritando identidad

Dead To A Dying World - Concrete and Steel

National Disasters - Witness

Ashkara - Cauterised

Threskiornis - Writhe

Ecocide - Despair

Remains Of The Day - Comb Of Prestige

Anopheli - Rime

Convince - The Beast Among Us

Fall Of Efrafa - A Soul To Bare

Oium - Prae Lapsu

Terra Mater - Holocene Extinction Part II

2021/02/19 013 playlist

Pourbon - Pour De Bon

Kalpa - Cross Sections

The Armed - Rhythm 0

Jungbluth - These Rare Moments

United Nations - Never Mind The Bombings, Here's Your Six Figures

Drip Of Lies - Murderer

O - Ira

Archivist - Tying up loose ends in the cold void of space

Birds In Row - Police & Thieves

Mavro Gala - Tock

shizune - dance dance dance

Louise Cyphre - the negative energy spectrum

No Note - The Zephyr Song

Drei Affen - El Comienzo Del Llanto

Tristan Tzara - Come On Jane

rainmaking - moonstrike

Youth Novel - XVIII

Yotsuya Kaidan - 1995

Le Pre Ou Je Suis Mort - Terre Promise


Piet Onthel - Light From The Sky

I Wrote Haikus About Cannibalism in Your Yearbook - 25

Boneflower - Sunsets in the backyard

Respire - Cicatrice

State Faults - Dreamcatcher, Pt. II

Shirokuma - Black Lungs

To Be Gentle - If You Are Reading This

Heaven In Her Arms - Butterfly In Right Helicoid

2021/03/05 014 playlist

Osip Kozlovsky - Marche funebre

Finisterre - Orwell Nation

Wolfbrigade - Digging graves

Eskatologia - You Send Them To Die

Procrastinate - Crevice

Procrastinate - Ideals to Burn

Shades Of Grey - In The Eye Of The Storm

Lies Feed the Machine - Gallows

Conspiracy of Denial - Sweet innocence

Martyrdod - Harmagedon

Trap Them - Luster Pendulums

Riwen - Voices of Revolt

His Hero Is Gone - Marry and Reproduce

Hector Berlioz - Lacrymosa

SHOKI - Scars

G.L.O.S.S. - Give Violence A Chance

Torso - You Stay on that High Horse

Thin - Dawn

Shikari - Post Student Syndrome

Bucket Full of Teeth - Let Us Resonate

The Locust - Get Off The Cross, The Wood Is Needed

Narrows - Chambered

CALVAIIRE - Atra Bilis

Neil Perry - Seeping Through The Cracks

The Crimson Curse - Rat Romance

Helen Of Troy - Vanishing Hour

This Time We Will Not Promise And Forgive - 離さない手

Anomie - Propriete d'une norme

Daitro - Des Cendres

Raein - The Tree

United Nations - My Cold War

Funeral Diner - Shifting

Mohinder - Numb

Portrayal of Guilt - Merciless

The Death Of Anna Karina - The Infection

ostraca - The Orchard

Kidcrash - Parrots Just Don't Understand

The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower - Exile On Vain Street

The Number Twelve Looks Like You - The Devil's Dick Disaster

Ruined Families - Holy Weight

Converge - Eagles Become Vultures

rainmaking - potliquor

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Lacrimosa

Keava - Spring Beasts